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Nursery Bedding sets

Baby Crib Bedding

Baby nursery bedding par excellence!

It is such a phenomenal and precious encounter in the life of parents when their baby arrives!

Quality baby bedding is essential in making your nursery a warm, inviting and comfortable place to greet your new treasure to your home!

Cotton Tale baby bedding stands for quality par excellence! All patterns are made using quality materials and are uniquely designed and coordinated to create your perfect nursery.

Parents will be enchanted with the great selection of adorable baby crib bedding.  The designs are ever so charming, cuddly and warm! Mostly our baby crib bedding is made of 100% cotton where it counts and all so easy to maintain

You may purchase a nursery sets or you may choose any item individually. There are light weight quilt, bumpers, crib sheet, dust ruffle, diaper stacker, a tab style window valance and so much more.

The choice is great with so many matching accessories to coordinate your entire nursery to perfection.

Choose from the following patterns:


Gypsy - Girl Pattern & Nursery Accessories:
Heaven Sent Girl - Pattern & Nursery Accessories
Lizzie - Girl Pattern & Nursery Accessories
Nightingale - Girl Pattern & Nursery Accessories:
Tea Party - Girl Pattern & Nursery Accessories:
Pirate's Cove - Boy Pattern & Nursery Accessoriea
Houndstooth - Boy Pattern & Nursery Accessories
Sumba - Unisex - Pattern & Nursery Accessoies
Zebra Romp - Unisex -Pattern & Nursery Accessories

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There are many products to choose from for your shopping pleasures.  Please browse through the pages; we are sure you will find something that is of interest to please you, your family and or your friends!

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