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Teddy Bears

There is nothing like a Teddy Bear!

Looking for wonderful teddy bears or very cute stuffed animal toys, big or small and are cuddly and adorable, you have come to the right place. 



Teddy Bear Families:

See the "teddy bear family" selection - there is Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Baby Bear and Junior Bear waiting for your invitation to come to your home. One good thing in purchasing a whole family is that you could give a bear to every family member or a close friend.

Giant Teddy Bears:

We have giant teddy bears starting at 42" and we have them as tall as 90", that is 7' 6" and that is big! Kids can sleep in their arms and be all cozy and cuddled up. They could be mascots for an organization, or even a company symbol or a promotional item.

Big Stuffed Animal Toys:

In our collection of stuffed toy animals you'll find a fine selection of not just bears, but also a big Frog, an Elephant, a big Monkeys and more.

There are many products to choose from for your shopping pleasures.  Please browse through the pages; we are sure you will find something of interest to please you, family members and friends!

We are sorry, but our bears are shipped to US mainland only.

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