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Teddy Bear - Families

Choose one of these enchanting Bear Families!

A very impressive gift for children, or for your home decor, or for that special person in your life, or a friend you wish to please.

Something to consider, when
purchasing a Teddy Bear Family you have several bears and with it you have several presents at hand. You could give teddy bears for special occasions, like Christmas, birthdays and any other festive occasion.

There is nothing like Teddy Bears! They are so cuddly, comforting and at times consoling.

And a Giant Teddy Bear may be of interest to some business people who could use them as a company mascot, a special promotion, a particular campaign, there are so many uses or maybe just for fun, to have a conversation piece in the house - a 7.6' foot conversation piece!  

Since his existence the Teddy Bear has brought pleasure, serenity and comfort to children and adults alike, one could say, the Teddy Bear has always brought pleasure to all ages, worldwide. 
A definite treasure and sometimes even an heirloom!  

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There are many products to choose from for your shopping pleasures.  Please browse through the pages; we are sure you will find something of interest to please you, your family and your friends! 

We are sorry, but our bears are shipped to US mainland only.

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