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Traditional Wooden Toys

Classical toys at their best!

THE PUZZLE-MAN TOYS® are handcrafted in the USA and are classical wooden toys which come in a great variety.

Puzzle-man toys are manufactured with first of all safety, quality and fun in mind.  Created with handcrafted skill and featuring the ever so important educational components, cognitive development, to make learning fun.  Colorful, well designed, sturdy, non toxic kids wooden toys are built to last for generations. 

The value of wooden toys and educational games becomes very apparent when you notice the child's comprehension in relating to the play concept.

Please visit these links to important wooden toys like the jigsaw puzzle series and the building blocks collection.



There are many products to choose from for your shopping pleasures.  Please browse through the pages; we are sure you will find something of interest to please you, family members and friends!

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