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Articles > When Purchasing New Toys Consider Safety As A Primary Factor

8 Apr 2008

Discard all packaging components immediately such as plastic bags, wraps, plastic ties, staples, or any other packaging attachments. These attachments are dangerous for a child if small pieces are swallowed a child could choke or even suffocate on the plastic wrapping.

Check all safety instructions, especially for flame resistance. All toys, in particular plush toy stuffed animals or any other soft toy must not come in contact or be near any heat sources, they could catch fire.

Always supervise your child at play and teach them how to use the new toy safely. In addition, always check a toy for any other hazards there could be sharp edges, or loose parts with nails or staples protruding. Always keep toys in good repair or discard them.

We all know that children have the tendency to put most things into their mouth, which is a very natural action to children as it is part of their learning process to learn to encounter their sense. Therefore, always be very cautious with small toys, beads, rattles or any small object, they represent a choking hazard.

Many hazardous components can come with some toys and caution is advisable. A toy car has many movable parts make sure they will not injure your child. Dolls, stuffed teddy bears, or plush toy stuffed animals have attachments like eyes, noses and other mountings; make sure they are fastened securely.

Children are very precious keeping them unharmed is key!

Tina Nyary advises on the importance to check safety instructions on all new toys and to be aware of all hazardous materials. Watch out for loose parts like eyes and nose with plush toy stuffed animals and stuffed teddy bears.

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Tina Nyary