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24 Sep 2008

Children are as individual in their play methods as the thumbprints they have, but there are certain commonalties in play and all children should experience these educational varieties. Children should have exposure to these proven systems provided by the educational organizations of our society, with their friends and in their home environment. During babies first year, they play mostly with their parent or caregiver, which is the onset of play and creating the ever so important bond between parent and child. At first, it may be a rattle or soft plush toy stuffed animal to kindle baby's attention to play. The voice of the parent and the actions combined with the toy are the valuable interactive modes.

When babies grow into toddlers the scope of interactive play becomes more active in variety and there are many choices. May it be with an educational toy, an interesting game or simply with a pot and cooking spoon playing drums making music with Mom or Dad or with both of them. Later children become in play with other children, friends, pre-kindergarten, or another early childhood educational institution. The value of interactive play is for the child to learn how to relate to others. play is equally important as children become aware of their thinking mode and feelings toward their project and the best in this activity is - "nobody can tell them they are not doing it correctly." Children love to be inventive, creative and live in their own little world of independence.

There is value in simple activities, such as playing with building blocks, which can be or play. The child will have fun no matter if they build the castle on their own or with other children. The same values come into play with roll-play, like dressing-up, being somebody else! Again, it can be interactive or independent. May that be for a special event as Halloween or dressing-up with mom's hat, jewelry, shoes or her make-up. Boys will pretend to be dad and may be fascinated with some of his clothing, sports gear or even his briefcase.

To pretend to be a parent or somebody else, a police officer, a firefighter, has always been a favorite amongst children throughout the ages. We must not overlook kid's arts and crafts toy, which are another great activity to participate in or play. : At the same time, another important factor comes into focus the play, which creates the first awareness of self-realization. "I can do this" is a great realization in a child's life. This realization turns eventually into self-respect and pride in accomplishment. The recognition of these thoughts are very thrilling to a child and in particular with their understanding of becoming in touch with their emotions. These are all very important feelings for a child to become aware. Kid's arts and crafts supplies remain one of the best toys to promote the positive feelings of creation and of the first encounter of accomplishment, which gives satisfaction and fulfillment. Children learn to be in touch with their own sense of inventiveness, their own way of thinking and with it to reflect their own creativity.

Tina Nyary suggests engaging your children into early childhood education by fostering interactive, independent, and intrapersonal play. Children relate through processes by relating to the process of acquiring knowledge by the use of reasoning, intuition or perception.

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Tina Nyary