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Articles > Children Toys Or Games and Their Educational Values

17 Mar 2009

Children toys have been around for eons - one could say from the beginning of our existence.  Toys have been excavated from sites dating back to 3000 BC and most likely, toys are even older.  This means parents or caregivers have always been interested, in all our human history, to entertain and or educate their children to have fun while learning at the same time.

In my experience with my own children when I introduced educational toys their understanding of subjects grew considerably in a much shorter time.  It is wonderful to be educated while having fun!  Fun is essential in any educational environment.  If parents and caregivers give the time and effort to be a great part, in particular in children's early education they will notice the benefits of the child's greater comprehension in grasping  educational factors faster and their cerebral growth.  The greatest importance is the emphasis on fun and patience in any learning mode.  Add the fun in learning and your children will reward you with trust and love.  In addition, children will display their expanded knowledge at an earlier age.  Children are born very clever, use this valuable time to preserve and enhance it.  Learning and having fun simultaneously produces a positive attention span while attaining retention of the learned subject.

Research provides the following information:

The earliest toys were made of materials found in nature, such as rocks, sticks, grass, and clay.  These toys where also educational as it made the children aware of their environment they lived in.  Thousands of years ago, Egyptian children played with dolls that had wigs and movable limbs made from stone, pottery, and wood.  In Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, children played with toys made of wax or terra cotta, sticks, bows and arrows, and they even had yoyos. 

In today's society, the variety of educational kids toys which can further the education of  your child is vast.  Let us start with babies first year toys - virtual baby games such as stacking toys, soft books, mobiles, play nests, pop up toys are just a few.  Then we can move to arts and crafts for children of all ages such as pompom craft, sponge/ face/ finger painting kits, creative weaving, knitting and sewing kits, woodworking, silk painting, jewelry making and much more.  Kids jigsaw puzzles come in all sizes and some are even floor puzzles.  Puzzle selections are numerous.  There is something for every age and some become an all time favorite..  Then there are the toddler building blocks - what a treat for any child to learn to become a builder.  Under no circumstances must we forget the ever so popular rocking horse, riding off into the sunset and discovering the world of imagination and the ever so important companion, the teddy bear. 

Children learn fast may it be through role-ply, interactive, independent, or intrapersonal play. 

Always try to engage your children in an active learning play process.

Tina Nyary advises that children are born very clever and intelligent. It is a parent's duty to guide this natural precious intelligence to blossom

Tina Nyary