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Articles > Importance of Babies' First Year Feeding Process

25 Mar 2009

This subject has been on mind for a long time and I feel compelled to write about it.

I have observed overtime that when some mothers feed their small babies they either hold the baby in front of the them on their knees and away from their chest, they do support the head with their hand; or they feed the baby lying in a crib or in a pram or on the floor. I observed this feeding process much too often in the past, I have even seen it in some movies, which keeps me always wondering why some mothers feed their babies in this fashion and where did they acquired this method? This observation finally made me to write about it.

This practice is creating distance instead of closeness, as all babies need nearness and familiarity. The greatest familiarity to a baby is the mother's heartbeat; after all, it listened to it for nine months. It is most important to know that a baby recognizes his mother by the heartbeat and therefore feels it is in the right hands, at the right place, in the right environment.

Therefore, a baby should always be held with the head cradled in the elbow of mother's arm and with the ear close to the mother's heart. This applies definitely to the feeding process, as the baby will be calm and comfortable, which very often aids also in their digestion, less colic gas. This process should also apply, when ever possible for instance, when the baby is carried around or consoled. The baby feels secure, protected, and safe in mother's or father's arm during babies first year. Most of all it produces closeness and develops the ever so important love between parents and child.

Tina Nyary advises to feed a small baby always cradled in their arm and close to their chest. This method is a healthy practice it produces comfort, recognition of the mother and a very loving and calming attitude.


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Tina Nyary