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1 Apr 2009

It is never too early to educate your child! Most small babies sleep a lot, but when the baby is awake use the time to give him your full attention by introducing simple play methods. Babies learn through play, but most of all make it fun. Babies can develop a sense of humor quite early in their life, but it has to be fostered.

Babies love soft cuddly toys like stuffed animal toys maybe with an embedded soft noise component, which you could squeeze and later so could the baby.  Stuffed toy animals come in great variety to please any baby. In addition, there is the teddy bear and the teddy bears come in an array of variations and in all sizes.

There are many ways to play for example there is music and you can rock the baby to the rhythm, make dance steps or two while having your baby in your arms. Babies love music! When my children were babies and even toddlers I always played music in their room for many hours, they even slept by music. Of course, the volume is being turned down and the music is soft and melodic. Child psychiatry suggests that apparently, classical music is an excellent source for calming a child and it will enhance the intellect and stimulates development. Something worthwhile to try, like a win-win effect.

Other ways to have a fun play, with one of the oldest toys, a rattle.  Babies love different sounds and they love to hear you speak. Recite children rhymes they are better than just plain talk as rhymes have a rhythm. Another favorite is playing peek-a-boo, an old, but very effective game. Play it with a pillow or a cloth. Can you hear the giggling, laughing sound of your baby? It is wonderful!

Babies also must move, introduce activities like a crawl mat or a mobile, where baby has to reach and stretch. When you have them on the changing table move their legs, play with their toes, roll the baby carefully for him to learn to later turn onto his stomach by himself and start crawling.

Be active with your baby and the rewards will be yours to have a well-adjusted loving child.

Tina Nyary suggests that positive interactive play and approaches with your children from baby to young adult is vital in their cognitive and physical development. Bringing up healthy well-adjusted children is the essence of life.



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Tina Nyary