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2 Apr 2009

Baby rockers are quite new on the market versus the rocking horse, which has stood the test of time and could be referred to as the father of the baby rocker, which birth we celebrate. The principle for children entertainment is the same; both are rocking for and back on bend curved wood or metal rails.

Rocking horses come in all variations possible, they are very elegant and elaborately decorated, they are just plain wood, some have saddles, manes and tails some have not. Some are carved looking like a real horse where others are just carved from wooden boards. Some are made of leather, plush materials or of a synthetic material. There are so many ways a rocking horse may be constructed or look it is impossible to describe them all, but one fact remains the rocking horse is an everlasting enjoyment to all children around the world.

Now the rocking horse received some competition, although it is only made for the very young - babies and toddlers. This competition is the "Baby Rocker", also referred to as the "Baby Animal Rocking Toy", made only for babies from nine months and older to a body weight of 80 pounds.

Baby rockers take nothing away from the beloved rocking horses, they just have an added affect, that now the very little ones can rock too. What a joy!

These baby rockers are very adorable, extremely colorful with the cutest faces of animals, which babies learn to know when they grow older and get acquainted with nature. Baby rockers come as a frog, a ladybug, a butterfly, an octopus, an elephant, a snail, a dinosaur, a cow, a sheep, and of course a colt horse. We must not forget our most favorite sports, baby rockers also come in a football and a baseball.

This line of baby rockers is the most enchanting line of rockers ever produced and a joy to every baby.

Baby rockers also educate your baby and that is a very valuable part in this production. Baby has not just fun to rock it gets educated at the same time. There are four buttons located on the back of the head, which activate the educational components, like original baby songs, teaching the ABC', learning to count from 1-10, colors and shapes. The little ones will have so much fun and not even realizing that they are improving their physical and cognitive development as the same time. A joy to parents and baby too.

Who ever invented the first rocking horse has captivated children's love for rocking for generation and for generations to come.

Tina Nyary finds that baby rockers are a wonderful addition to a child's early education.

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Tina Nyary