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25 Feb 2008

Every mother knows how important it is to begin the educational process early. What we mean here by education is learning... learning for the baby to be in their new world. Parents intrinsically start by stimulating the senses of touch, taste, hearing, feeling, and smelling by introducing the oldest educational toy - the baby rattle. This simple little toy survived the ages because it is so versatile. The baby can touch it, hear its sound, and feel the rattle when grasping it. Babies automatically follow the sound of the rattle and curiosity is initiated. With a rattle, the parent can exercise the baby by moving the rattle in different directions. Movement is vital for the baby. These rattle exercises strengthen growing muscles. At the same time, the baby explores the experience of play, joy, and laughter as well as a sense of bonding with the parent who engages in the play. A feeling of awe and wonder is discovered.

Educational kids toys are essential for children of any age to develop imagination, ingenuity, coordination, and dexterity. When babies are playing, they are actually working - working on becoming themselves. The phases of this development are imperative as it starts the process of becoming a person who has ambitions, dreams, and goals to create fulfillment and satisfaction in their life. Babies often start with intuition and with time acquire perception and reasoning skills - but they are learning mostly from the outside world through experience. You as the mother or parent provide and influence to that experience.

When buying children educational toys make sure you look for toys or games, which will foster imagination, fantasy and ingenuity. You will want to keep this principle in mind: develop the urge to be inventive, inquisitive and creative. A child is constantly learning how to figure out how things work. At this time of his/her life it is their profession to earn - KNOWLEDGE! 

Do some research; there is a great variety of children's toys available which will enhence brain power!  In addition, remember, you are exposing your child to new things every day - so provide variety. Be on the lookout, because no matter how small they are, they will have their preferences and will show you their desires and creative interests as you play with them. If you are inclined to a more traditional approach, wooden educational toys are becoming very popular again. Outmoded they are not, because these toys have always been made to help develop dexterity, hand/eye coordination, color, shape, size identification, problem-solving, and reasoning skills. The bonus is that they are made out of natural materials, which are safe and get your baby in touch with the textures nature provides.

Tina Nyary, explains the value of babies first year and the early introduction of educational toys. Babies learn best by experience and don't forget their mind is like an absorbing sponge - hungry to learn. Once the baby grows and becomes a toddler, there is a great variety of toodler educational toys to choose from to enhance every child's learning ability and creativity. Furthermore, we have a wonderful collection for toddlers of Rockabye plush rocking toys. A real delight for toddlers.

Tina Nyary