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5 Mar 2008

A rocking horse - fostering imagination! Why purchase a rocking horse? Let's not forget imagination - a key attribute of being a child. Good imagination is everything in life it is the root of creativity, it is inventive, it is inspiring, and it will kindle the spirit of a child's mind. So, with that rocking horse where are they going... there is nothing like the confidence and the feeling of maybe being a stunt rider in the famous Buffalo Bill's "Wild West Show" or a "Pony Express Rider" when "the mail must go through" or any other famous horseman riding through the West. Imagination is precious and the greatest experience when you are 4 years old or there about. This first desire to be a hero is to understand who others are in the world around them, but to go beyond what is regular. Heroes bring out the ability for your child to see more of who they are and to imagine the possibilities that stand before them.

Albeit fantasy, this form of imagination combined with creativity is inventive and inspiring, which fosters an active mind and confidence. It also creates a sense of awe and wonder in your child that is the basis for developing their curiosity. Curiosity is about questioning. Questioning leads to understanding. Parents can take an active role by guiding their child's sense of reality while fostering their imagination through their questioning. Children quite intuitively are in tune with role-playing. A rocking horse provides just that. And what can role-playing do for your child? It lets them be someone else for a while - a form of imagination that begins a process of compassion and empathy for who others are.

Rocking horses or rocking animals come in all shapes and sizes. "Like?" Plush rocking horses, wooden rocking horses, plush rocking animals, radio flyer rocking horse some even with sound and many other variations. When considering such a purchase, think about the age of your child and the quality of the item. For example, are you interested in a hand-carved wooden rocking horse that may eventually be handed down for years to come? We offer rocking horses of just that quality - sturdy, safe, and beautiful for generations to come!

Tina Nyary takes pride in doing extensive research to bring you wooden rocking horses, which are sturdy and safe for generations to come. Who can tell - maybe an heirloom piece? Plush rocking animal toys are most lovable and delightful coming from California right to your home with all the sunshine. Then there are the various Radio Flyer Rockers. All items are very worth while to explore! One thing is certain; your Child would have a ball rocking!

Tina Nyary