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Building Blocks

 Kids cognitive development!

The building blocks come in different colors and shapes and sizes! They are a exceptionall educational games to enhanceimagination, eye-hand coordination, dexterity, size and color relationships, problem-solving, reasoning skills and so much more!

Fundamental education - building toys!

Wooden toys for kids to boost imagination!

Building blocks are essential educational games to develop imagination, eye-hand coordination, dexterity, size and color relationships, problem-solving, reasoning skills and so much more! We are sure you know that kids building blocks have been with us for generations and are still favorite and influential educational games for kids!

Wooden building blocks start out as a child's first experience with building blocks and with lots of choices at hand! Children will be absorbed in their imagination of how to create something with building blocks! The invention is a highly significant action for their brain development! These actions of vibrant imagination at play makes it more fun and entertaining for the child and even the parent. 

The first thing most likely kids do is merely stacking them one on top of each other, as tall as they can. Then either they fall on their own, or the child knocks them over with the biggest smile or laughter, this is an exciting time to watch and maybe remember for a lifetime. The second is they start to "build" something that only their imagination and ingenuity understands. Give your child a chance with building toys, construction toys, as a wood block feels so good in the hand!

The four great attributes of THE PUZZLE-MAN TOYS® as to safety, smoothness, non-chip and, non-toxicity are listed below; please review!  All Anchorbuilding blocks are handmade in the USA, which stands for quality!

The Four Attributes of THE PUZZLE-MAN TOYS®!

1. Non-Toxic and very safe in a child's mouth as the finish doesn't chip or peel or comes off when the very young putting things into their mouth.

2. Build for durability to hold up under extreme usage by not only a single child but moreover, when used within a classroom environment either in a school setting or that of a nursery school, day care center, or merely large family settings.

3. Educational value received with every product is not seen easily. Our products contain many hidden educational features that teach invaluable lessons that are hard to illustrate in a direct means to the child at their young age. Some are obvious, and others are very inconspicuous.

4. We assure you that our products will be played with over and over again.  Our products are built to capture interest and create an imaginative play.  A child needs to be challenged with ideas to help to build healthy self-esteem and self-confidence.


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