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Fleur Rollercoaster Table

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Educational beads moving!
Children play for hours on end, while learning basic skills such as color recognition, counting, eye-hand coordination, and cooperative play. And multiple kids can play at once, making this table perfect for group play!
Learning basic skills is vital!
Children play for hours on end! 
A real child's magnet! 
This is a wonderful Anchoractivity center for homes, schools, play areas, waiting rooms, and doctor's offices and many more places where kids gather and or waiting for parents to attend to their needs! Multiple kids can play at once, making this table perfect for group play! An Anchoreye-catching centerpiece for any room where children gather for play, have fun and learning together and/ or from each other. This table is a must-have for countless places!
This great educational games table helps keep children busy in waiting rooms, hair salons, preschools, automotive dealerships, doctors offices' and other places where you need to keep kids occupied. Children learn important skills, learning games for preschoolers and for brain development like color recognition, visual tracking, cooperative play, eye-hand coordination, fine & gross motor dexterity, and counting. A brain developing marvel! If you cater to a pediatric clientele or to their parents this activity center will captivate the imagination of any child and will keep your clients happy while they wait. Solid construction, compact design, and the table top are pre-assembled.
We like the idea of having waiting room tables in reception areas because unlike sitting a child in front of a TV, or gaming system, the table promotes hand-eye coordination with real-life tactile objects and encourages making friends with other children. Kids can feel, share, discuss, and learn while waiting for their or their parent appointment. That's a win for kids and for others in the waiting area. 

Ages 3+
24" x 24" x 36"
Made in the USA
68 lbs.

Kids are fascinated with these mesmerizing kids learning games! Playing while learning basic skills such as color recognition, counting, eye-hand coordination, and cooperative play as a bonus!