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The Original Rollercoaster

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This toy has been a classic for over twenty years and is now entertaining a new generation of children! It is a favorite of pediatricians, teachers, and parents, and has been acclaimed as the most fun educational toy in today's market.     The Rollercoaster is a three-dimensional manipulative experience in the perceptual, motor, and language areas. Developmental and learning skills are "challenged" through fun play!


Kids can't keep their hands it!

These educational games have been a classic for over twenty years and are now entertaining a Anchornew generation of children!

These educational games are a favorite of doctors, pediatricians, teachers and parents alike. In particular when children visit a doctor's office, especially waiting rooms may create anxiety and sometimes even fright, seeing this toy there will diffuse this angst. Children will relax and divert their attention to the toy. How nice for this to happen! Everything is calm and peaceful!

It also has been acclaimed as one of the most fun early educational games in today's market.  

The Rollercoaster is a three-dimensional manipulative experience in the perceptual, fine motor skills, and language areas. Cognitive development and brain Anchordevelopment is assured with these kids learning games. The fine motor skills and brain actions are "challenged" by having fun at play!

This toy is constructed of a series of painted wires attached to a strong wood base with painted wooden beads of various colors and shapes.

Ages: 18 months and older
Size: 12" x 15" x 20"
Weight: 7 lbs.

Cognitive development:
Build visual tracking
Color and shape recognition
Fine motor skills
Gross motor skills
Brain development

Made in the USA

Doctor Tested and most certainly Child Approved!