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Butter - 18"

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Dreamy, creamy teddy bears! 

The Butter series of teddy bears is a divine collection of teddy bears! In a dreamy cream plush coat soft and cuddly! She is 18" tall but there are more sizes, a whole family in the Teddy Bear Families menu button!

Magnificent, the only word for these teddy bears!

Butter is 18" tall and has a lovely cream plush coat, something great to cuddle with and perfect to sit on a child's bed! These cream-colored teddy bears are the most enchanting teddy bear ever! Butter 18" is so sweet that everybody and we mean everybody will be in love with her!  She is the perfect present for a child, an adult, a sweetheart, a wife, a grandmother, anybody you can think of would be in love with her instantly even the man of your heart!

 Butter could be an heirloom piece but definitely a keepsake!

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