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Gansu - 18"

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Gorgeous Panda Bears!

These lovely panda bears are sure to please anybody at any time and for any occasion!

Kids always adore stuffed animals!

Panda bears are lovable stuffed animal toys!

This ever so cute panda, a baby panda is sure to please any family member, friends, and or relatives at any time and for any occasion! An adorable companion! Everybody loves teddy bears of one kind or another. Stuffed animal toys are always in demand to bring pleasure to the young and the young at heart! 

These panda bears look very close to the real thing and are ready to give pleasure to the intended person you have in mind. Gansu stands 18" tall and has a lovely plush coat in black and white.  These Panda Bears are cuddly and ever so charming! These panda bears being stuffed animal toys could bring a lot of pleasure to somebody dear to you! He also would be perfect on a child's bed and at night-time have a good cuddle before falling asleep.

He may become a very treasured Anchorkeepsake, yes, even an heirloom,
those things do and can happen!

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