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Square 16"  

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Kids learn determination!  

Wooden toys are educational games for developing dexterity, problem-solving and reasoning skills, hand-eye coordination, color, shape, and size identification! The puzzles for kids are light in weight, large in size (about 3/4" thick for easy handling), and interlock for even preschoolers to play and handle them!. The colors are non-toxic!

A combo of constructive learning with reasoning!

To learn perseverance with puzzles for kids!

While the children are having lots of fun playing with these educational games, the learning skills become very soon apparent! Getting educated and having fun at the same time is the best way of learning and in particular to acquire precious knowledge, which is the aim of every parent! Wooden jigsaw puzzles, jigsaw puzzles for kids and toddler puzzles are wooden toys, which are vital for kids for their cognitive development!

These wooden toys are Anchoreducational games to promote Anchorcognitive development, childhood development, dexterity, acquire problem-solving abilities, reasoning skills, hand-eye coordination, color, shape and size identification. The block puzzle pieces are light in weight, large in size, about 3/4" thick for easy handling, and the interlocking process is designed that even pre-schoolers can assemble them! All wood puzzle pieces are safe, sturdy, and water-resistant! The colors are non-toxic of stain-like impregnated finishes!

The 16" Square is approximately 16" high, 16" wide, is multi-colored, contains 25 wood puzzle pieces and its weight is 6 lbs.

Quality features:
Non-Toxic - safe in child's mouth
Interlocks easy to attach one piece to another
Water resistant
Washable in the sink or play with it the bathtub
Heat resistant
Can be used as a hot plate or as coasters
All puzzles will hang together on the wall with no hook or glue. It will hang from just a small finishing nail in the wall.