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Roo Roo Kangaroo

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Hi from 'Down Under' I am Kangaroo!

 I am Roo Roo  and I am a Kangaroo from the Outback of Australia and he carries a little baby Roo in his pouch!

I am Roo Roo Kangaroo!

Come and hop with me to the Outback of Australia!

As a special treat, there is also a little baby Roo that rides with him in his pouch. Look out for little baby Roo!

Roo Roo is an amazing early educational toy to make your child stay ahead of the class.  Roo Roo has four buttons on the back of his head and by pressing these buttons the educational process begins.  These buttons activate original songs that teach the ABC, learn to count from 1-10, singing the rainbow song and identifying colors, pinpointing shapes and so much more. There are also hidden surprises like squeakers and crinkles! Outstanding educational games for toddlers!

Roo Roo’s rocking frame is made of North American maple hardwood, so are his easy maple grip handles and is covered with the softest most luxurious fabrics, imported from around the world. Roo Roo has a strong hardwood board built into the back of his chair and secured to the rocker base that the little rider sits in to offer added strength and support to his seat.  And maybe combined with Kyle Crocodile it’s a complete set for the “Down Under” nursery.

These rockers are redefining the classic rocking horse for a new generation of toddlers.  A new fresh look and the cutest than cuter designs, these rockers are of the highest quality and of very soft fabrics! 

We put in the extra time, effort and money to create a product that we would want our own children to play with before we ask you to have your precious baby play on it. * Some fabric skins and the music boxes are components sourced from China so by law they are labeled: Made in China. But all wood products, lacquers, paint, stuffing, production, assembled and packaging is done in the factory in Phoenix Arizona, USA to support our “Made in the USA” claim.

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