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Smoky - Family of five bears

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Three bears are shown, ah - but we are five! 

The Smoky family of five is a gorgeous teddy bear family to please just about anybody!  They are made of a shiny plus faux fur and are in sizes of Mama Smoky 42" - Papa Smoky 27"  Baby Smoky 18"  Baby Smoky 12.5" - Junior Smoky 9" They are black and have light brown accents on the paws, ears and the muzzle! Each bear has a most loving expression!

We are a delightful teddy bear family of Five!

Mama Smoky 42" - Papa Smoky 27"  Baby Smoky 18"
Baby Smoky 12.5" - Junior Smoky 9"

Mama Smoky, papa smoky, and their three bear children! They are all cute as a button! And by the way, Mama Smoky and Papa  Smoky are very proud of their children! This precious Smoky Family consists of five(5) striking teddy bears and as you can see they are adorable and stunning! Their markings are fantastic and are extremely well designed! With light brown accents on their paws, ears, and the muzzle, which creates a most endearing face with a loving expression!

The Smoky Family also comes in three and four bears, it is up to you how larger family you wish to own!

Their cute faces and with their shiny plush coat, they are sure to please! Everybody will love them and be happy to have one of these precious bear families!

Here is food for thought, when purchasing a Teddy Bear Family you have several bears and with it you also may have several reasonable priced presents at hand. You could give one teddy bear to come people as presents for special occasions: like Christmas, birthdays, hostess gift and all the other times when there is a present required. 

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