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Stuffed Animals > Jane the Fawn!
Jane the Fawn!

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Jane, the perfect Fawn Deer!

 Jane the Fawn

An enchanting addition to any child's room!

Stuffed animals always bring happiness!

Jane is well crafted, appealing and 27" tall (that’s over 2 feet), Jane is a gorgeous and significantly large stuffed animal that any boy or girl would love to own. We have two deer; Hawkeye a buck, is male, and Jane, a fawn, is female. Cinnabar is a cheetah if you are interested in a cat.

Folklore tells us that deers have a great spiritual meaning, in fact most animals do. For example, the Native American Deer Totem is associated with softness, gentleness, but also with strength and determination.

Does that sound like your child? Or, maybe your child can learn from Jane? Gentleness is a great teacher.

Understanding animals and their meanings brings us closer to nature in general. It is also rewarding for your child to become closer to the animal world by making a cuddly imaginary friend! Jane specifically loves to make secret friendships. Like any wild baby animal, if you catch her off guard she will flee. Trust is important to her, so Jane is looking for that special relationship with your child!

And maybe it’s time to teach your child the song from "Sound of Music"

Just lets sing for fun of it:

Let's start form the very beginning,

a very good place to start...

Doe, a deer, a female deer 

Ray, a drop of golden sun...

you'll have a lot of fun!

Jane is bound to bring hours of enjoyment and lots of imaginative play!