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Papa Minky

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The gorgeous Jumbo Minky!

A Teddy Bear with flamboyance!

 A favourite amongst Teddy Bears!

Everybody loves a teddy bears they are just the very best gift everybody can give anybody at anytime for any occasion to any age. Try it and see this joy when you give a teddy bear!

Our Papa Minky is very big, actually enormous and a most loveable brown bear at that. He will definitely delight your children at no ends or the person you have in mind!

Papa Minky is tall to be exact 54" and that is 41/2 feet and that would make a huge cuddle and what a great gift. Children can nestle in him and have a wonderful time. Papa Minky will give them the time of their life creating everlasting memories into their growing year! 

Papa Minky has a wonderful, amazing soft fur, lifelike paws, which are leather covered and so is his nozzle too.  His incredible sweet face with loving adorable brown eyes is sheer enchanting.

We even have a larger version of Minky should you wish to go real gigantic. He is 90" equals 71/2 feet tall. Now that would be quite a bear and maybe the talk of the town, friends and the neighbourhood. You can view him here by clicking on the link and enjoy!


Coming back to Papa Minky and telling you more about this great teddy bear we found that  toddlers enjoy wiggling themselves into his affectionate arms and even have a good shuteye in his arms! It will be a huggable soft and cuddly experience children will never forget.

The Minky bears are always a sell-out and at present we are unable to get them in any other size, which is very sad. Right now we have a prepaid waiting list for them. If you wish the smaller sizes of the Minky series please consider to go on the waiting list. There has never been a bear so much in demand as the Minky series!