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Papa Minky

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An impressive gentleman is this stuffed teddy bear! 

Papa Minky is 54" tall, and an adorable teddy bear! Weight: 33 lbs! He has a soft, shiny and cuddly plush coat!

Kids will adore and love him!

Kids and teddy bears, a natural combination!

Papa Minky is 54" in height and one of the most adorable and lovable stuffed animals ever! He would be a very delightful family member and the kids would jump for joy to have him as a companion!

He most certainly will be a positive addition to your household. The kids will love to have him around for a great play with their friends. Nothing like knowing where your kids are, in the arms of Papa Minky!  

Another great idea, Papa Minky could be a mascot or for a company Anchordisplay. For a special champagne as he for sure would attract people to a site! You may know that President Theodor Roosevelt won one of his terms with a teddy bear! And teddy bears are also considered good luck symbols! Whatever the use, Papa Minky is fantastic and unbelievable cute, huggable and adorable and may just do wonders for you too!!

Weight: 33 lbs

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