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Jumbo Java

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A black giant teddy bear!

Giant teddy bears ar fun for kids!This black giant teddy bear is big! Jumbo Java is enormous, he stands an unbelievable 90" = 7 1/2 feet tall!

For kids to have a ball!

But he is indescribably cute, huggable and adorable!

This black giant teddy bear is big, as a matter of facts Jumbo Java is enormous, he stands an unbelievable 90" = 7 1/2 feet tall! With this little baby, you sure have a "BEAR" in your house, and we mean "A BEAR!" This giant teddy bear is a 7 1/2 feet stuffed teddy bear, and he will most likely make you the talk of the neighborhood, and your kids will be ecstatic and jump for joy! All the kids will gather at your house to see this phenomenal giant teddy bear!

Jumbo Java is a soft and cuddly bear, and children love to sleep in his arms. He is big but ever so fluffy and precious.

Or maybe you want to use Java as a Anchormascot for a big event, or for a company display or symbol, or for an important campaign. Giant stuffed animals are loved as all stuffed animals are treasured and have an unbelievable attraction to people and kids alike!  

Whatever the reason, Jumbo Javas are incredible stuffed animal toys, inexpressibly cute, embraceable and adorable!

Weight: 120 lbs

Box size: 27" x 22" x 39"

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