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Grandma Gansu

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A very cute panda bear!

Grandma Gansu is 42" in tall and is a gorgeous, beautiful big panda bear.This cute panda is also a great gift for a young at heart family member or a friend who needs a cuddle or two!  Weight: 24 lbs

A panda bear of a realistic look!

Kids would adore this cute panda!

Grandma Gansu is 42" in height and is in every respect a gorgeous, beautiful big stuffed panda bear. She actually could be considered as a giant panda as 42" is quite a size! There is also panda bears in different sizes like there the baby panda, giant panda, and the cute panda! Please have a look in the "teddy bear families" tab or click the link below!

She has a black and white fluffy plush fur, a very lovely face, her charming eyes with a loving expression! Grandma Gansu is adorable and the most Anchorrealistic looking panda on the market! These great stuffed animal toys would love to play with your kids or sit on their bed, and they will have a great cuddle before falling asleep! This cute panda is also a perfect gift for any young at heart family member or a friend who may need an embrace sometimes!

Weight: 24 lbs

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