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Grandma Butter

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Price: $99.95
Availability: out of stock- Oct. 1
Prod. Code: 1229G

A Beauty Queen to perfection!

Just take a look at this gorgeous cream colored fluffy plush 42" beauty with her ever so expressive eyes!

A most magnificent teddy bear!

An incredibly gorgeous design!

An astonishing beautiful teddy bear she is just magnificent! Her cream colored fluffy plush coat is gorgeous, and she stands 42" tall! Beauty Queen are the words to use for her description! She has the poise of a queen indeed, and she captures everybody's attention with her ever so lovable face! There is not a child around that would not be ecstatic to own her! She also has a large family and one teddy bear is cuter than the other. Please see the images of these wonderful teddy bears!

Grandma Butter is by far one of the most adorable stuffed teddy bear beauty ever seen! She is one of the superb stuffed animal toys and her design and craftsmanship are outstanding! Her Anchorcaptivating smile, the expression of tenderness in her eyes will make her your kids favorite teddy bear too! 

We can hear you thinking "Oh, I must get Grandma Butter, I must have her"! Yes, get her now before the stock is gone! Patterns change and or discontinued and it would be a great shame to lose out on something you really like! So, don't delay!

Weight: 24 lbs

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