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Classroom Wooden Wagon

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A cart for a massive sum of kid's gems!

This wooden wagon size approximately 16" wide, 26" long, and 17" high  can hold a multitude of things your child loves. It is very strong, colorful, sturdy and can have many uses.  All children will love to have wagons like this.

To own this cart would thrill any child! 

A red wagon of exceptional class!

This wooden wagon size is approximately 16" wide, 26" long, and 17" high. Wagons like these have numerous uses they even could be a portable playroom storing all the toys, wooden toys and lovely paraphernalia kids accumulate and of course are all treasures a child just doesn't want to be without! Easy to put in the trunk of a car and log over to grandma's place for the weekend and the children would be content to have all their wonderful stuff with them! Making any visits to anybody a joy for children!

This priceless red wagon is very strong, colorful, sturdy and can have many uses we are sure you can think of! All children love a great kids wagon to show their treasures to their friends by playing with them and having a great time! It is a true gem cart as the uses are immeasurable for kids and often a fabulous item for adults too! Not to forget wagons are actually educational games as they spark a lot of imagination and with that become cognitive development and childhood development tools!

These wooden toys have the following qualities:
Solid and sturdy construction
Water resistant
Heat Resistant
Made in the USA