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Set of 140 Building Blocks  

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 Construction toys are intriguing to kids!

These 140 piece building block set are educational games for kids!  There are 140 total blocks of which there are 46 different building blocks in different sizes and various colors in the set. These wooden toy blocks build dech xterity; hand/eye coordination, color, shape, size identification and arithmetical and geometrical relationships!

Educational games that build cognizance in your child!

Great mental childhood development!

Wooden building blocks educate your child as they help to build dexterity; fosters hand-eye Anchorcoordination, color and shape differentiation, and size identification, teach arithmetical and geometrical relationships and so much more! Best educational games for kids are building toys, construction toys and of course the building blocks! A wood block or wooden toys always have a particular attraction because they give us a good feeling!

In this 140 piece building blocks set there are 46 different sizes of building blocks and in different colors too! The building blocks are based on the principle of size and color relationship! This is an added benefit as the child doesn't need a lot of instructions. They will experience it by using their own ever so important imagination and all in their own way, at their own speed at their own time as they play, learn. and spryness, self-confidence grows with them! 

The building blocks are washable, water-and heat-resistant and are finished with colors that are non-toxic stain-like impregnated finishes. 

The building blocks are made of  Western Ponderosa White Pine and come within a drawstring mesh bag for easy storage.

The building blocks have the following qualities:
Non-Toxic (safe in child's mouth).
Educational games
Fun and captivating
Stack easily
Water and heat resistant