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Wooden Wagon - 4 tier with 100 Building Blocks

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 A treasure cart for any child!

A wooden wagon with 100 building blocks and the size of 10-1/2" wide, 20" long, and 11" high is of solid wood and of a very sturdy construction.  This red wagon may bring a lot of joy!  The use of wooden toys by your child and the creative imagination involved is endless!  It even may become one day an heirloom piece!

 Holding 100 educational games building blocks!

One day it may be an heirloom piece!

This wooden wagon is approximately 10-1/2" wide, 20" long, and 11" high and is Anchorsturdily constructed of solid wood! The wagons have a nylon pull cord for lasting use! The 100 building blocks are colorful, of various sizes and many creations can be formed to delight any child to build formations inspired by their creativity and in their imagination applied! Wooden toys have developed kids imagination for generations. All the inventors of past had imagination galore to be able to bring their inventions to humanity and to be able to better our lives! Imagination is key in a child's life, which can be furthered with educational games to start with!

This red wagon is not just to carry around the 100 building blocks but also all the treasures kids love to log around with them! Kids wagons like these will bring a lot of joy to your little one and create precious memories, which will last a lifetime. The use of this red wagon will spark creative imagination, which will enhance cognitive development and also childhoood development, which will be ass invaluable benefit! 

Educational games
Cognitive development
Childhood development
Wooden toys

Sturdy construction
Solid wooden wagon
Water resistant
Made in the USA