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Nightingale - Toy Bag

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The purposeful magic bag! 

Part of the crib bedding sets collection is this toy bag made to hang on the wall or from changer or chest, never hang it from the crib. It is useful for many items to store in a baby nursery not just for toys! Storage is always at prime and a bag like this can eliviate a lot of storage problems!

Mother's bag of tricks!

The magic bag of so many important items!

So very useful and decorative too!

When the baby is small the toys are small too, but when baby grows the toys get bigger too and then this toy bag can be used to store many other items, which may be very convenient to mothers, as there are so many items one has to have handy in a baby nursery. Storage is always at prime and this toy bag just would solve a lot of storage snags and glitches! It is large and has a 10 lbs. capacity! Some mothers feel it is the perfect bag for them and bought more than one!

The toy bag is made of the very pretty pink brocade-like fabric with a gray ornate pattern. It is displayed in the images! The toy bag is lined with the same fabric as the crib sheets and has lovely happy little pink polka dots and ties. A very attractive item to enhance the decor in the baby nursery, which is all part of the crib bedding sets accessories!

Part of the baby bedding sets is this toy bag, which is made to be a wall storage or from the change table or a chest, but never hang it on the crib. Please remember that all babies have very clever little fingers, nothing should be near them with which they could harm themselves!

  • 10 lbs maximum capacity

Wash gentle cycle, separate, cold water. Tumble dry low or hang to dry.