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Houndstooth - Diaper Stacker

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Nappy holder for the boy nursery!

Part of the Houndstooth collection, is this diaper stacker, which comes in a happy print full of chocolate brown puppies and with an accented coordinated trim.  Can be attached to the changer or chest, but never tie to the crib!

Always in great demand and a necessity!

A very cute container for disposable diapers!

This diaper stacker is lovely and decorated with fun colored chocolate brown puppies in three different sizes. Through the middle of the diaper stacker is placed an insert with the print you can see with the front rail cover and the crib bumper! A lively pattern with red, tan and brown checkers and white surrounds all the squares! The ties are the houndstooth fabric and all patterns are coordinated with the crib bedding sets accessories! The diaper stacker holds up to six dozen newborn diapers! All the accessories are color and fabric coordinated for mothers to create a most lovely boy nursery! This diaper stacker is made of 100 % cotton, very decorative and a great addition to any baby boy nursery!

This diaper stacker can be attached to the change table or a chest, but never tie it to baby cribs.  Please always remember those very clever little fingers can get into everything! Always keep everything away from baby cribs that could harm your baby!

Wash gentle cycle, separate, cold water. Tumble dry low or hang to dry. Never use Chlorine bleach!