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Houndstooth - Hamper

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Laundry bag with puppy dogs! 

The Houndstooth hamper is 100% cotton and covered in a puppy pattern and has a sturdy black wooden frame.   Can also be used later on as a storage devise, always decorative in a boy nursery.

Practical to have laundry tacked away!

Laundry container smart style!

These fantastic crib bedding sets feature this cute laundry hamper. which is ever so useful and also it is a very decorative item in a baby boy nursery and boys do love puppies! The print is very endearing with the three different sizes of chocolate brown puppy dogs!

This laundry hamper of the baby bedding sets is covered in a very adorable puppy pattern. The laundry bag is 100% cotton and mounted on a very sturdy black wooden frame, which is coordinated with the design of the baby boy bedding. As laundry is plentiful in a baby nursery this laundry bag is a "must-have" item for a boy nursery! 

The laundry bag can also be used later on as a storage device as storage is always needed but the laundry hamper will always be most decorative in a boy nursery.

Wash gentle cycle, separate, cold water. Tumble dry low or hang to dry. Never use Chlorine bleach!