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Zebra Romp - Front Rail Cover

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Functional - shields and guards!

Zebra Romp Front Rail cover-Up is both function and design. The front rail cover up protects your footboard on the convertible cribs also it would supply a little safeguard for baby just in case a stumble would occur it would shield the baby and be a buffer! It is in a periwinkle blue with white hexagons!

Providing some safeguard for baby!

This Cover Up of the rail is a purposeful design!

The front rail cover up protects your footboard on the convertible cribs and gives a great decorative look to baby cribs. Being very decorative is one thing but it also can act as a safeguard for the baby as we all know babies eventually start to stand up in baby cribs and they could lose their balance. If baby stumbles against the rail the front rail cover could shield the baby! It would be wise to consider to purchase both safeguards, the front rail cover and the crib bumper. The crib bumper will circumvent babies limbs getting caught between the crib slats and or knocking the head against the sides of baby cribs! Safeguarding babies is a most important step! 

The fabric used is the same as in the fitted crib sheet, which is a delightful periwinkle blue and scattered with white hexagons, a delightful design and made of 100% cotton!!

Wash gentle cycle, separate, cold water. Tumble dry low or hang to dry. Never use Chlorine bleach!