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Zebra Romp - Diaper Stacker

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Imperative in a baby nursery - diapers!

Part of the crib bedding sets collection is the 100% cotton Zebra Romp diaper stacker in chevron flame stitch design, which holds up to 4 dozen diapers. Very decorative and most functional!

A delightful diaper holder

Nappy bag designed beautifully!

As nappies are always in demand this diaper stacker comes most handy! This diaper stacker in the adorable chevron flame stitch design, framed and tied on top with a yellow fabric containing white polka dots is a splendid baby nursery add-on! A lovely design of the crib bedding sets, which holds up to 4 dozen newborn disposable diapers! It is a very lively, decorative and functional article for the baby nursery! The Zebra Romp diaper stacker is perfect for a baby boy nursery or a baby girl nursery. The accessories of these baby bedding sets are outstanding in quality and functionality! A baby nursery design of distinction!

The diaper stacker can be tied to change table or mounted on a chest, but never tie it to the baby cribs. 
Please always be aware of those clever little fingers babies have who just about can get into anything! Never have anything near them or hanging on baby cribs with which they could hurt themselves! 

Wash with gentle cycle, separate, cold water. Tumble dry low or hang to dry. Never use Chlorine bleach!