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Zebra Romp - Toy Bag

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A functional designer bag! 

Part of the Zebra Romp crib bedding sets collection is this toy bag in chevron flame stitch with citrus trim. This toy bag is very versatile in that it can be used for toys or any nursery supplies constantly needed in a baby nursery! It can be wall decor or tied on the change-table or to a chest – but never to be hang on a baby crib.

 Mother's little magic container!

 Things needed in the baby nursery!

Actually, it was designed to store all the little baby toys, in short, it supposed to be a toy bag, but we learned otherwise form mothers having purchased the toy bag! Mothers informed us of the many uses this toy bag actually had for them and that was great information. 

This little bag of many uses is perfect for the baby nursery as it is useful to store the multitude of items required in a baby boy nursery or a baby girl nursery! This toy bag became the mother's bag of magic tricks! Where it contains the magic of healing, the magic of grooming and so much more magic needed in the baby nursery! With a capacity of 10 lbs. a lot of things can be stored in it and be kept very handy!

The toy bag can be used as wall decor or tied on a change table or a chest, but never tie it to the crib. Always remember the very clever little fingers babies have and who can get into just about anything! Therefore never have anything close to them or hanging on the crib where they can get into it and with it maybe hurt themselves!

Made of 100% cotton. 

Wash in gentle cycle, separate, cold water. Tumble dry low or hang to dry. Never use Chlorine bleach!