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Giant Teddy Bears

Huge, gigantic, cuddly, and most adorable!

Our giant teddy bears start at 42" and - believe it or not we have them up to and including 90", that  is 7 1/2 feet tall and that is big!

The fun is endless with a bear like that!

Kids can sleep in their arms and be all cozy and cuddled up!  

They are a conversation piece at the best of times!

These Giant Teddy Bears start at 42", and we have them, unbelievably so, in 90", that is  7 1/2 feet tall and that is big as seen in the picture! Big, oh, it's gigantic big!  

Not just a teddy bear comes in a big size, but we also have the cutest, cuddliest Monkey 42", an Elephant 42" and more amongst our teddy bears selections.

Moreover, teddy bears and in particular these Anchorgiant teddy bears could be mascots for an organization, a Anchorcompany symbol or a promotional item for a special event. There are many commercial uses for giant stuffed animals. Want to attract a crowd? Get one of those giant teddy bears, and you sure will have the masses at your doorstep! Then, of course, there are the children who would just adore one of these magnificent huge teddy bears! Big teddy bears are always an impressive item!

The opportunities to make a huge impression are endless!

Legend has it, Theodor Roosevelt used a big teddy bear as his election mascot during his second run for the presidency and as we all know - he won. Maybe you could be a winner too!

We also offer the "teddy bear family" selection - there is Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Baby Bear, and Junior Bear waiting for your invitation to come to your home!

Teddy Bears are considered as good luck charms, plus teddy bears are the most enduring unisex loved toy in history!

We are sorry, but our bears are shipped to US mainland only.

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