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Love, sleep and play makes a great day!
               Finest theme kids bedding sets collections!

Dreamy Bed Covers!

The possibilities are endless for kids to develop great imagination in the mind of your children, which is essential; it makes them ask questions and with it comes curiosity, which makes them grow in mind and spirit. It sparks the spirit and the wonders of life!

Bedrooms of children are very special, not just a place for sleeping, it's a room where children think and wonder about everything!. Where they play to their heart's delight and use their imagination, which is important for cognitive development.With 

Choose a "Theme" your child would adore!

Theme kids bedding sets at their ultimate!

Please see all the "Theme" bedding of the kids bedding sets, which one could be a great delight to your child? May the theme of the kids bedding sets be of Space, Dinosaurs, Trains, Planes, Football, Pirates, Birds or maybe even Fairy Princess, kids will adore sleeping in one of those theme kids bedding sets! Cuddle into them and have adventurous dreams!

Kids bedrooms are very special places! Not just a room for sleeping; it's a room for kids to wonder, ponder and grow in mind and spirit. Play to their heart's delight and use their Anchorimagination, a most important component in cognitive development.

As Albert Einstein said: "Imagination is more important than knowledge!"

With imagination, greatness is born! Make it conducive for your children to dream, fantasize, learn and take a trip into a world of their own wonderland! Choose one of the greatest kids bedding sets for boys and girls; your kids will be happy campers! Sizes are from toddlers to teenagers in twin to full/ queen sizes. The kids bedding sets are of superior quality, 100% cotton, easy to maintain, most interesting fun-theme designs and best of all at affordable prices!

Choose from the following patterns:

Trains, Planes & Trucks

"Trains, Planes & Trucks" is a kids bedding set pattern your youngster will love to sleep in and be surrounded by all his favorite vehicles! Kids bedding sets are 100% soft cotton percale and has a 210 thread count, which is great quality. The display of colorful rows of vehicles, locomotives, airplanes, trucks and trains is sure to please your Prince! All the vehicles are outline stitched.


"Birdie" is a new most adorable girls bedding creation especially designed for wonderful, delightful, lovable girls, just like your princess! The exquisite colors are stunning and the pattern is gorgeous. Colors your little girl would love to adorn her bedroom. The setting is right to dream of Swans, Sugarplums and Satin Slippers or Fairies or even The Nutcracker. Dreams can come true!

Out of this World

Your little astronaut will rocket into orbit with this outstanding outer space design! "Out of This World" kids bedding displays a galaxy of planets, rocket ships, UFOs, stars and comets against a royal blue background. The space objects are repeated throughout the design on all items. All items of this wonderful kids bedding are of ultra soft, 100% cotton percale and a 210 thread count.

Dinosaur Land

"Dinosaur Land" is one of our new kids bedding and most superbly designed as outline stitched Dinosaurs march cross the comforter and roam the bed, it is prehistoric time all over again! The dinosaur character theme is displayed on all items of the bedding. Girls bedding, boys bedding it is dinosaur time in your child's bedroom. A definite kids pleaser! Jurassic Park in your house? Oh, what fun!

Game On

Game on is a new pattern and has a wonderful motive of sports accessories used in many sports. This design is a definite winner with kids who are enthusiastic about sport. The bedding is bright and cheery and depicts helmets, a variation of balls, varsity letters and more. Your child would love to sleep in these comfortable 100% cotton sheets with matching pillow cases and comforter.


There always will be children who are enchanted by pirate games and now here is a theme where kids can play it in bed. This new pattern may delight your child too. The pattern is bright, colorful and of 100% cotton percale, which is the best fabric for bedding. It is soft and durable and represents the finest fabric to date in particular for kids.

Fairy Princess

Fairy Princess is a divine girls bedding and where maybe dreams will come true!  A magical design for your Princess! Fairies, flowers, and stars adorn this magical Fairy Princess design. A nost beautiful girl's beddingand and so colorful designed.Ffairies are soaring on dazzling blue wings in this enchanting scene of 100$ cotton percale bedding. Shades of pinks and purples make this design a royal addition to any girl's room!

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