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Jigsaw Puzzles

Kids to learn constructive thinking!

Jigsaw puzzles and wooden toys promote cognitive development such as dexterity, hand/eye coordination, color, shape, size identification, problem-solving and reasoning skills. For more intriguing educational games for kids please visit the page of kids building block.

Playing with jigsaw puzzles helps a child to learn about recognizing shapes, textures, spaces, color and by developing skills, all of which help in the development of its intellectual and creative abilities! Give your child the opportunity to develop its cognitive development to a maximum! 

All Jigsaw Puzzles are handmade in the USA, which stands for quality!

Octagon 11"
Circle 18"
Circle 24"
Circle 30"
Square 16"
Square 21"

Children and adults alike, are interested in jigsaw puzzles and statistics prove it!  Did you know that in the latest keyword research as many as 11,106 searches were done for jigsaw puzzles?  Are you one of them? These are impressive figures.


 Glad to know that the interest in jigsaw puzzles is alive and well after all jigsaw puzzles are a great educational toy and most inspiring for children to acquire perseverance, patience, determination, tenacity and many other qualities for their vocation in life after all life is a continuous learning process. 


May jigsaw puzzles are for children or adults - they are timeless.  They have captured the interest and curiosity of most of us at one time or another.  Jigsaw puzzles are always fascinating because of the challenge they present to our minds.

Kids jigsaw puzzles help your child to define a problem, understand the context in which the question is rooted and classify, test and evaluate possible solutions.  Educational toys generally either appeal to the logical and mathematical side or help formulate the visual and creative side of your child's development.

For example, take Obliqo, let curiosity get the better of you – click on the link and have a look; it is a quite intriguing game, for all ages, the uses of shapes, textures, space, and color to aid the development of both intellectual and creative abilities.

Jigsaw puzzles will keep your child constructively occupied and entertained for a considerable length of time!

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