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Love, sleep and play makes a great day!
Baby Rockers

 Best early education for babies!

                                The redefined classic rocking horse!                                                         

                                           With fresh cuter than cute designs, the highest quality fabrics, high quality North American maple hardwood, hand crafting in our American factory and “Made in the USA”*                                                            

Our Baby Rockers are of heirloom quality and will delight all babies at any time!

Rockabye has redefined the classic rocking horse for a new generation of babies and toddlers

Early education is prime and learning while having fun is indeed a bonus!

These animal toy rockers are one of the best early education game-toy! Baby rockers teach the basic school curriculum and baby will gain valuable knowledge while rocking, singing songs, having fun rocking and learning at the same time! What can be better? The baby rockers are of sturdy construction, made in the USA, of heirloom quality and a definite hand-me-down to other babies!

Parents are enthralled with these baby rockers!

Quality Statement:

With fresh cuter than cute designs, the highest quality fabrics, high quality North American maple hardwood, hand crafted in our American factory and “Made in the USA”* Rockabye rocking animals are by far of the highest quality, best selling and safest rocking toys in the world.  

One of many examples of this “Made in the USA”* advantage is we use a special water based, American made, Sherwin Williams brand lacquer to seal the wood that is baby/toddler safe, unlike imported rockers that have used oil based flammable lacquer manufactured overseas by unknown manufacturers. In many cases that have even been publicized as having unsafe levels of lead in paints and lacquers on toys.

Rockabye's rockers maybe cost a little than rockers made in other countries but we think you will agree that they are worth it for at least the peace of mind that they are built, assembled and inspected by American workers of the highest quality and of new safe highest quality materials.  We put in the extra time. effort and money to create a product that we would want our children to play with before we ask you to have your precious baby play with them.

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