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Trains, Planes & Trucks

Kids bedding - Places to go!

Trains, Planes & Trucks kids bedding is the dream for a boys bedding pattern. These boys bedding sets feature airplanes, trucks and trains on all items of the boys bedding sets. Size 42 x 58, 100% cotton percale.   

  One of the most popular kids bedding sets!    

   With Trains, Planes & Trucks kids will go places!

   Kids Bedding at its ultimate!

Trains, Planes & Trucks a fabulous and adorable 100% cotton percale kids bedding sets, which is covered with colorful vehicles from locomotives, cars, trucks, tractors to airplanes. The delightful and cozy comforter features rows of trucks on the move; trains roaring down the tracks, and airplanes flying in the sky.

Kids dream of going places on Trains, Planes, and Trucks! All children fantasize even if only in their dreams!  Not only adults have things to do, places to go and people to see, children have the same inclinations just in a smaller way.  Imagination, fantasy, and dreaming is a great mind developer! All our "Greats" in history - inventors, developers, scientists had imagination, fantasy, and dreams to find answers to improve our life!

Maybe this "Trains, Planes and Trucks" pattern could also be for girls bedding or any other theme kids bedding set could inspire in many ways your child's mind!

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